Data Recovery Files From Flash Drive Using Free Software

We can Data Recovery deleted files from the flash drive using third-party software. On the Internet you can find several, many of them free or with free versions, and that work in a similar way. Here we are going to explain how to do it with the Data Recovery Wizard software , a very easy-to-use program, which is available for both Windows and Mac and has a free version that allows you to restore up to 2 GB.

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, connect the pen-drive to the computer, open the program and select the location of the USB, which the program recognizes as an external drive. Click on “Scan”.

If you have trouble finding one or more specific files, you can use the program’s filter to search for different types, use the custom search or look in RAW Files to find files that have lost names or paths, since they will appear in raw format.

Once you have located the file or files that you want to recover Wikipedia, select it and click on “Recover”. You will be asked to choose where to save it, it is recommended to do it on a drive other than USB to avoid overwriting.

Once the file is restored, a folder named will have been created on the drive you chose in the previous step. It is possible that another folder has been generated within this (with the name of the USB), you enter it and you will see a “Deleted Files” folder, there you will find your restored files.

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