Data Recovery Services From Your Damaged Storage Media!

You’re about to watch your old vacation DVD on your computer and presto, it’s become unplayable. Before you throw it in the trash, there’s a Linux-based tool that can rescue your old, damaged DVD, CD, or USB flash drive .

Safe copy is a free tool for Data Recovery Services from damaged storage media. Running under Linux, Safe copy eliminates input/output errors preventing the Data Recovery Services on the medium.

First of all, in case of data loss, immediately stop using the memory card. You can only recover images if that data has not been overwritten yet. If you continue to pull this card, you will decrease the chances of a successful Data Recovery Services.

Memory cards use what is called a File Allocation Table (FAT). This allows you to access these files. When formatting a memory card, this FAT is deleted. But the data of individual photos remains unchanged until the card is overwritten with new data.

That’s why your chances of recovery are quite good if you formatted the card in camera by mistake. As long as you haven’t taken new photos with the same card.

You can also lose Wikipedia data through a corrupted memory card, which can be harder to use, but not impossible. Physical damage to a card can also lead to lost images and tends to be among the hardest to Data Recovery Services from.

This is one of the reasons why it’s a bad idea to buy cheap, unbranded cards. I once washed and dried an SD card left in a pocket and all the data was still intact.

There are two main options to recover those lost photos. The best depends on exactly how you lost those photos in the first place. The first is to use Data Recovery Services software. This option is the easiest and most affordable. It is ideal for formatted cards, accidental erasures and some card errors.

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