How To Data Recovery Services From A Formatted Hard Drive?

If you accidentally formatted your hard drive and lost important Data, there is a way to get your files back. Data Recovery Services Wizard for Windows is able to recover data from a formatted disk or partition.

A little about formatting a hard drive :

Format commands are typically used to prepare a new logical drive for installation of the operating system, programs, and user data. The format command has been around for a long time, there used to be standalone DOS format programs before being integrated into Windows.

When a disk is formatted, the operating system erases all credentials on the disk, checks the validity of all sectors, flags bad sectors, and creates internal address tables that will be used later to look up information. 

Why is it possible to recover a formatted hard drive?

Formatting a disk does not erase the data on it, only the data in the address tables. Thus, obtaining data from a formatted disk is a perfectly possible operation. If you accidentally formatted a drive containing important files also, don’t panic. Data recovery companies will be able to help you recover most of the information on the drive, but their services tend to be expensive. You can also use data recovery programs that allow you to independently recover data on a formatted hard drive.

Data Recovery Services

How to recover files from a formatted hard drive?

Ease-US Data Recovery Wizard is your best choice. Data recovery in a few clicks. Download the software and follow the instructions below to recover your lost data.

1. Download and install Ease-US Data Recovery Wizard on your computer. 

2. Use the installed program to find and recover lost Wikipedia data. Select the disk partition or folder from which your data “disappeared”. Then click the “Scan” button. 

3. When the scan is completed, find the files and folders you need in the list of results. 

Select them and click the “Restore” button. When choosing a location to save the recovered data, you should not use the same disk that you scanned!

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