Is It Possible To Data Recovery Services From Fire Damaged Hard Drive?

Hard drives consist of platters that store Data Recovery Services, a spindle motor that spins the platter, and an actuator that moves the read/write arm. The trays are quite durable but can withstand a certain temperature range before they start to warp, bubble, or melt. 

Beneath these trays is the printed circuit board (PCB) at the bottom of your drive. When soot, smoke, or other contaminants enter the drive, it damages these components. Data Recovery Services from fire-damaged hard drives depends on the extent of damage, temperature, length of exposure, and additional contamination. 

Depending on how long a drive is exposed to high temperatures and the extent of damage to the PCB or platter from fire or water, determines whether data recovery is possible.

Recovering data from a burned hard drive  is not just about opening the drive, removing the platters and transferring them to another hard drive. The process of recovering data from a fire damaged hard drive begins with diagnosis. 

A Wikipedia data recovery engineer will assess your device in a clean room to determine the extent of the damage. The expert will check if the drive is charred or melted. It is also important to know if the manufacturer’s sticker on the hard drive is still intact.

The data recovery process becomes complicated as the drive is exposed to temperature over 200 degrees Celsius for an extended period of time. Suppose a laptop was exposed to over 300 degrees Celsius in a house fire and even caught flames. 

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