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Orlando Data Recovery Is A Good Idea For Your Data

Couple specs of dust will absolutely kill something like that, so once you get the drive up and running and you have all the hardware sorted, the firmware sorted, the next step is to actually clone it all off, and as you can imagine, with some drives, it can take quite a while, anything from  minutes up to a couple weeks depending on how badly the drive is damaged and how much Orlando Data Recovery you actually have to copy.

This is so cool, there’s so much interesting tech here, to be able to save drives from all kinds of sizes, all different kinds of types, but that’s only part of what Drive Savers do, they also work on phones, SSDs, memory cards, USBs that have been bitten by dogs, so step out of the clean room, and we have the drive inventory, so you’ve got some cool stuff here. – Thank you. – This is a  megabyte hard drive. – It is, it is, we purchased this for a recovery for an antiquated proprietary system that was running a robotic arm. – Look at that, so what year do you think this is from?

So, what you’re looking at here are , hard drives that are valued at about two million dollars, and you’re gonna find all kinds of crazy stuff, so one of the things that they really have to keep in mind is that you never know what kind of drive is going to come in, so sometimes, you might have to have a multitude of the exact same model number because maybe there’s going to be slight differences in the firmware or slight differences in the hardware, so once they’re done with the drive, before it’s recycled, they wanna make sure that there’s absolutely.

Orlando Data Recovery

First of all, is the Data Recovery eliminator or the degausser, which just sounds really cool. This essentially will just basically EMP it, right? Say goodbye to this drive, it’s about to be degaussed. All right, so just push it in? – Push it in. – I’m sure one of these is not cheap, but I feel like I can say that about literally anything in here, like, everything looks expensive. – Yeah.

So, we put the drive in here, close the door, and now, I’m gonna hit destroy. Oh, you can see, it’s just literally just gonna bend the drive in half, oh no, no way, oh! (laughs) Aw, I mean this drive has had a rough day, you know, this has been EMPed, but now, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say, you’re not gonna get any data off of this, even these guys, I don’t think will be able to save this one.

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