How To Data Recovery From internal Hard Drive?

Your computer breaks down? Is your internal hard drive(s) damaged? Nothing is forever , and certainly not your internal hard drives ! That’s why it’s best to always be prepared for the worst . Indeed, there is nothing more annoying than having your personal data recovery disappear. But then, how? If you care about your files and don’t want to lose them, you’ve come to the right place .

Your computer breaks down, it won’t turn on and there’s no way to get your hands on your files: they’re lost! Don’t worry, we’ll help you find a solution by showing you how to find them.

How to recover your data using a data recovery drive?

In the event of a disk failure, you can Wikipedia data recovery software for free on your computer.
This allows you to benefit from an unbootable Windows operating system.
You can use a USB flash drive or a blank CD/DVD .

To start your PC using a USB drive:

  1. Identify the boot menu key according to your PC model
  2. Shut down your PC and restart it
  3. The boot menu is displayed
  4. Select USB device to start the PC on the USB key

In case you don’t have one, you can download Linux for free and burn it on a CD or put it on your USB key. You will be able to access a new operating system to benefit from an interface.

Data Recovery

Thanks to this interface, you can recover all or part of your data and copy your personal data. From a damaged PC that won’t boot, this method is one of the best for recovering your files.

However, it can happen that, in addition to a PC that breaks down, one of your components (keyboard, screen, motherboard) is damaged. And here is another scenario.

How to recover your personal data by removing your internal hard drive from your PC?

If one of your components is defective and you can no longer access your interface, all you have to do is remove your disk from your laptop or desktop PC.

It will then be necessary to provide a certain number of tools in order to enter inside your computer and to disconnect your internal hard drive to remove it carefully.

Thus, all you have to do is connect your disk to another support such as a PC tower, a docking station. You can also place your internal hard drive in an external enclosure.

However, if you have no computer knowledge, we do not recommend this solution which could cause more malfunction to your disk.

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